New West Community Midwives has been proudly serving the local community since 2006. We welcome clients from New Westminster, Burnaby, Coquitlam, and Port Moody.

Together with our clients, we form a growing community - centered on caring, shared values, support, and growth. Every individual is valued within our community. New clients, returning clients, and referrals are warmly welcomed.

Everyone is welcome in our practice!  We are proud to provide non-discriminatory consent based care to ALL individuals and their chosen families, including LGBTQI2S individuals, immigrant or refugees individuals, single parents, young people, and those who are creating family through surrogacy or adoption.  We welcome all cultures and languages, and will work with your team should your require translation assistance.

Enjoy some of these benefits as a client of New West Community Midwives:

Personalized care provided by a small team of midwives, ensuring continuity of care, high quality of care and opportunity to build trusting relationships between you and your midwives.

Complete pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care service - from the positive pregnancy test to 6-weeks after the baby's birth. All lab work, ultrasounds, and other testing is ordered by your midwives.

24/7 call service where a midwife is always available for emergencies, to attend your labour and birth, and for care after the baby's birth.

Offering a choice of either home birth or hospital birth at Royal Columbian Hospital.

No charge for services, covered by your BC Care Card.

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